Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where Have I Been!!

Wow, I cannot believe it's been two weeks already. I have been having some fun though, I must say... I celebrated my birthday on October 1st, we actually started the day before by eating dinner at The North India Bar and Grill- (it was delicious!), I went to the fair twice for musical concerts(one on my bday with Jeff and friends), worked 12 days out of the last 14 (about 25 hours of massage, 12 hours on MBS!!), I've been to 6 soccer games, 2 cross country meets, 1 volleyball game, 2 client's band gigs, 4 parties, played tennis(yeah!), went running( very slow for 3 miles) and went to farmer's market 3 times( I met a lovely Armenian woman there who promises to bake me a peach pie!). I fit a massage, a facial, and a hair cut in there too!

I sometimes forget how much I can do. Blogging all this is really helpful in learning to appreciate all the wonderful things that I do in a small amount of time. I highly recommend it! To all of you out there who are harried and hectic... Way to go! Look at all the fantastic ways you are choosing to LIVE!! YOU CHOOSE everything, everyday.
I choose everything, everyday! What a wonderful life!
Peace my friends.

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