Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today good work was done!

I am learning new things all the time.  I am continually amazed at human behaviors, habits, and psyche.  It's more than meets the eye.  I am even more convinced that the way to everything you want is to love yourself and be compassionate with yourself.  

On a goofy note... I had some fun dancing to "At Last" by Etta James with my daughter(she's 8) before dinner.  She was an amazing dancer tonight with perfectly timed dips and all!  She even has amazing sultry faces to go with the romance of the song!  I have no idea why, but that was the song in my head this morning.  Go figure!  Hehehe.  The people closest to me know that I occasionally break into song out of no where.  Sometimes I will be reminded of a song when someone speaks.  I know it's odd, but it gives me such joy I cannot help myself.  

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exciting news about MBS Consulting

Mind, Body & Spirit Consulting
As many of you know I have been practicing body work for close to 5 years. I have logged more than 2500 hours of massage and bodywork. In addition have kept up with my interests in health and wellness as pertaining to the body. Simultaneously, I have experienced intense counseling/mind, spirit therapy in many forms, totaling some 300 hours. All this has added to my education, experience, and desire to start a consulting business to support people looking to live an aware and fully present life.
I have had many people ask me questions over the years and I have spent many hours guiding, referring, and educated willing listeners. This has been a great joy for me! Recently, a client asked if I would sit with him and talk to him about some of the principles about living in the present. He was asking if I could help him on his life's journey to becoming more aware. After three times him asking, I agreed. After which it was glaringly apparent to me that I would need to write a plan of how I was going to offer myself. I started writing and with help from a colleague, 7 hours later MBS was born. The mission of MBS is below. If you are interested in our program email me at:

Mind, Body, Spirit
Mission Statement:

Give the clients useful tools to become present in the Mind/Body/Spirit always!
By providing support through meetings, calls, emails, exercises/tutorials, and education

"We know everything and know Nothing at all." ~unknown

To know everything is (our innate ability) to already have knowledge of what we need to feed our mind, body and spirit. Learning to access what is needed, helps us to move forward. Be humble confidence, trust in your knowing, bring you to restful presence.... so we may connect with "not knowing."
Not knowing is like a child opening a surprise present. Exciting. Fun. In the moment.
Be Open.

Everything you do touches someone else.

Hurting and Hiding

I am soberly aware of people's choices of using escape ladders for pain. Through my experience, the ladders that we use to transport ourselves, even in brevity, are ways we get stuck, and perpetuate pain. Facing what is perceived as the culprit or crux of hardship is not prevalently used in our society. Denial, avoidance, and codependency are weaved through our society as acceptable behaviors to deal with hurt and pain. Of course, we're in denial about that!
I guess growing up around many ladders, and then seeing in myself the times in my life I justified using them, has shown me that it perpetuates misconceptions of the true essence of ourselves.
I can remember as a young child that I lived in my head. It was a creative world that was beautiful, imaginative, and served me well. Joyously, I was isolated and disconnected from the present and my pain. The down side to that ladder was that it wasn't real, and I was isolated and disconnected from the present and my pain. I realize of course as children in negative situations we use what we can to survive in less than optimal situations, but the patterning of the mind, personality, and habits take hold.
It makes sense that if you try a ladder even for a day or an hour and it serves you, you can get lost in believing that the ladder is the way out.
However, nothing can replace, or stand in, for the joy, peace, and bliss that is found by being. Being fully present, connected to yourself and all in existence. Allowing the free flow of energy to pass and fill you in that connection, and being open to sharing freely to everyone and everything is the ultimate hug. When we are hurting and in pain this hug brings healing calm, and love into, around, and through us.
Through self love we can find the strength to leave negativity behind. In being present in pain we can explore healthy ways of returning balance.
I know some reading this will have doubts about serious situations where there is no love or positivity.
My response to that is... What is your belief about who you are? What is your true essence/spirit/being?
Close your eyes... See the perfect child in you. Is this child hiding, scared, sleeping, hurting? Is this child happy, singing, dancing?
You have the ability to reach through the conditioning of your mind to embrace and love your essence/your child. You have the ability to help yourself to internal utopia. Sit quietly and ask the child how he/she feels. Making this effort opens yourself to change by believing in yourself and your perfectness. Trust, love, play, live childlike.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When those close to us are hurting, it can be difficult to be in relationship with them and with ourselves. Some people may act angry, sad, or indifferent as a reaction to their pain. In turn, we may act the same. This closed behavior can be difficult to be in and around.

I have recently come to understand that keeping connected to myself during such experiences of pain, and conflict can bring quicker healing. In order to see through these behaviors, which most often are negative, I heighten my awareness of how I am feeling and thinking. Usually, it is a "knee jerk" reaction to the other person/s behavior that comes first. But instead of just reacting and closing the door due to the many emotions (fear, anger, hurt), I acknowledge my "knee jerk" reaction. I do this by saying to myself, for example, "I really see that I feel like running away from this conflict." Next, I take a few deep breaths, and focus on being open and connected to everything around me and everything in me. By acknowledging fear, hurt, anger, and sadness(or whatever emotion I may feel), it helps me to remain open and connected to myself. The acknowledgment is acceptance of myself in the moment. In this practice of self love and compassion, I am then fully present to work on the conflict.

It sounds methodical, and it is. This method is a necessity for me because I was not brought up in a manner to know what being connected and open to myself feels like. There is no record or map from my childhood on how to work with/in conflict fully present and open. In this method of self love and self compassion, I create the space to love and have compassion not only for myself, but for the other person/s in the conflict. Once here, I can truly appreciate and be fully present for love shared between people, even during conflict.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stretching and focused breathing

Today I was told by two different people that I should be more playful...
They said they found me to be fun and delightful when I was playful, and childlike in my energy and view of things.
I have to say this was a wake up for me.  I happen to agree with them.  I am more fun, more relaxed, expressive, and appreciative of everything around me when I approach my day in this space.
So as a practice I lived more childlike today!!
This is a stretch and a breath of fresh air.
Breath in energy from all around you.  Take time to play in everything you do.  Bring the joy and childlike playfulness to your daily tasks.  Somehow the tasks seem effortless, and the joy seems abundant.  
Stretch your arms while breathing in air, twist your spine while exhaling.  Skip, jump, or hop around the house /office/ market while doing those everyday tasks.  Feel the stretch, feel the breathing, feel the child within yourself.
Love and light

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daily meditation

I mean really, I have cleaned house, drank two cups of tea, did all the laundry(7 loads), talked with friends, answered 10 e-mails, and chatted with my sister about going back to school for medicine.  Not to mention.. shower, clean my husbands stuff up, my daughters', my sons', and all the while thinking about this exciting new venue to start writing...
I realize that we all live extremely busy, and demanding lives.  Therefore, the NEED to meditate, and pray is a must!
Simply sit quiet.
Once you master that, breathe in presence.  With each exhale let all worries go with appreciation and thankfulness.
That is meditation/prayer.  
Take time throughout busy life to practice meditation, practice will allow you the space to go further.