Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exciting news about MBS Consulting

Mind, Body & Spirit Consulting
As many of you know I have been practicing body work for close to 5 years. I have logged more than 2500 hours of massage and bodywork. In addition have kept up with my interests in health and wellness as pertaining to the body. Simultaneously, I have experienced intense counseling/mind, spirit therapy in many forms, totaling some 300 hours. All this has added to my education, experience, and desire to start a consulting business to support people looking to live an aware and fully present life.
I have had many people ask me questions over the years and I have spent many hours guiding, referring, and educated willing listeners. This has been a great joy for me! Recently, a client asked if I would sit with him and talk to him about some of the principles about living in the present. He was asking if I could help him on his life's journey to becoming more aware. After three times him asking, I agreed. After which it was glaringly apparent to me that I would need to write a plan of how I was going to offer myself. I started writing and with help from a colleague, 7 hours later MBS was born. The mission of MBS is below. If you are interested in our program email me at:

Mind, Body, Spirit
Mission Statement:

Give the clients useful tools to become present in the Mind/Body/Spirit always!
By providing support through meetings, calls, emails, exercises/tutorials, and education

"We know everything and know Nothing at all." ~unknown

To know everything is (our innate ability) to already have knowledge of what we need to feed our mind, body and spirit. Learning to access what is needed, helps us to move forward. Be humble confidence, trust in your knowing, bring you to restful presence.... so we may connect with "not knowing."
Not knowing is like a child opening a surprise present. Exciting. Fun. In the moment.
Be Open.

Everything you do touches someone else.

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