Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daily meditation

I mean really, I have cleaned house, drank two cups of tea, did all the laundry(7 loads), talked with friends, answered 10 e-mails, and chatted with my sister about going back to school for medicine.  Not to mention.. shower, clean my husbands stuff up, my daughters', my sons', and all the while thinking about this exciting new venue to start writing...
I realize that we all live extremely busy, and demanding lives.  Therefore, the NEED to meditate, and pray is a must!
Simply sit quiet.
Once you master that, breathe in presence.  With each exhale let all worries go with appreciation and thankfulness.
That is meditation/prayer.  
Take time throughout busy life to practice meditation, practice will allow you the space to go further.

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Alex Rollin said...

A very nice practice to share, thank you Debbie!