Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stretching and focused breathing

Today I was told by two different people that I should be more playful...
They said they found me to be fun and delightful when I was playful, and childlike in my energy and view of things.
I have to say this was a wake up for me.  I happen to agree with them.  I am more fun, more relaxed, expressive, and appreciative of everything around me when I approach my day in this space.
So as a practice I lived more childlike today!!
This is a stretch and a breath of fresh air.
Breath in energy from all around you.  Take time to play in everything you do.  Bring the joy and childlike playfulness to your daily tasks.  Somehow the tasks seem effortless, and the joy seems abundant.  
Stretch your arms while breathing in air, twist your spine while exhaling.  Skip, jump, or hop around the house /office/ market while doing those everyday tasks.  Feel the stretch, feel the breathing, feel the child within yourself.
Love and light

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